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Edinburgh City

Welcome to the guild

Congratulations on joining the guild! This is a time of excitement but remember your journey is just beginning. Whether you're here to lose weight, gain mass, or just be a part of a supportive community there's a place for you. Gather experience points by training with friends or level up after attempting a PR. You choose how you play. Welcome to The Guild!

Why I Do What I Do

My name is Micah. My introduction to fitness was a bit unorthodox. I never intended to become a bodybuilder I just enjoyed exercising every day. However, being able to track linear progress was satisfying to me. Like many others, my introduction to exercise was due to insecurities about my body growing up. My mother suggested I start doing push ups and sit ups when I was 10 and I never stopped doing them. Although I've grown to love fitness my passions have extended beyond just the weight room. My love for anime and music has inspired my journey in the gym just as it's done for many others. I created this brand as an expression of whom I've become throughout my life. My goal is to create a place for people like myself. Anime loving, heavy weight lifting, music loving, fashion killing geeks like myself. I learned being shy about who you are is a disservice to yourself. Take your fears, your insecurities, and your doubts and turn them into a strength. The world is far more malleable than it seems. Adventure and find your own path here at The Guild.

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